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Ningbo Sulian Food Co., Ltd., is a high-tech brand enterprise specializes in plant-based series products R&D, manufacturing, sales, and technological innovation. With its own Botanical Institute, strict quality management system and the product Invention Patents, Sulian Food, leading the domestic plant-based industry, dedicates to improve the sub-healthy dietary structure and contributes to the ecological balance.

In10 years, Sulian Food has researched and developed 4 series of more than 200products which sold and exported home and abroad.

Four major series of products:
1.Plant-based products material series (SoybeanDrawing Protein, Textured Pea Protein);
2.Plant-based Products Semi-manufactured Series(Plant-based Baozi Stuffing, Dumpling Stuffing, Moon-cake Stuffing, ZongziStuffing etc., Plant-based Vegan Beef Cubes with Sauce, Sauce Ingredients likeNoodle Sauce);
3.Plant-based Product Deep Processing Series(Leisure Food Series: Plant-based Vegan Steak, Plant-based Vegan Beef Jerky,Plant-based Vegan Beef Cubes etc., Low-fat High Protein Versatile Food:Plant-based Vegan Meat Floss);
4.Plant-based Products Restructuring Series (CateringSeries: Plant-based Vegan Marbled Meat, Plant-based Vegan Tuna, Plant-basedVegan Bacon, Plant-based Vegan Beef, Plant-based Vegan Chicken, Plant-basedVegan Hamburger Patty, Plant-based Ground Vegan Meat and Diced Vegan Meat,Plant-based Vegan Meatball for Hot Pot, Plant-based Vegan Luncheon Meat and HamSausage etc.; Non-fat Fitness Series: Plant-based Vegan Pulled Meat,Plant-based Chicken Breast, Plant-based Vegan Beef Cubes; Instant Food Series:Plant-based Stewed Vegan Meat, Plant-based Vegan Beef, Plant-based Vegan MeatSauce etc.)


Dedicate the research and development of plant-based products for 10 years
Undertake National Spark Program
(expectant) High and new technology enterprise


Master the fountainhead of the raw material technology, and a number of patents of practical processing technic

Strategic Distribution

ODM (home and abroad), cooperation in traditional channel, Tmall official flagship store (be invited)


Independent research and development
nearly 200 products have been developed and produced in 10 years


people pursuit of happiness, a healthy life, advocating a vegetarian diet, and concerning environment protection


Full-time National Senior Dietitian, Health Manager provides professional services to customers

Testing Center

Culture and Patent

All Categories Plant-based Meat Supply Chain

We believe there is a better way to improve the living environment of our planet.

we extract protein from the plant to replace the ground animal protein.

With the power of the plant, we can address three growing global issues: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources.

We make R&D, innovation and work together with the world plant-based protein industry, and commit to providing the world with a sustainable food solution. This is the mission of Sulian Food: The power of plant, the better of our life.


With more than ten years of experience and cognition in health care and nutrition, especially the understanding and persistence of plant-based protein, Zhang Xinliang, the founder, began to develop all kinds of products based on plant-based protein independently, from a variety of protein materials, semi-finished products to finished products, from the source of the industrial chain to each links of manufacturing; In the absence of reference, and without the help of limited resources and information at home and abroad, more than 200 products in 6 categories have been developed, and 3 national invention patents of plant-based meat products have been obtained; Sulian Food undertakes the National Spark Program and municipal scientific research projects, and lead the enterprise to become the first high-tech enterprise with leading plant protein, plant-based meat products and technology in China.

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Own factory, fast distribution

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Focus on R & D for 10 years

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