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Great Taste

 plant based, great taste


nutritious food is highly-valued

professional certification secured

To Overseas Market

1.Western-style Catering: Vegan Hamburger Patty, Vegan Bacon, Vegan Snow Beef, Minced Vegan Meat, Breakfast Vegan Ham Slices etc.

2.Chinese-style Catering: Pineapple Sweet and Sour Vegan Meat, Vegan Lemon Chicken Nuggets, Vegan Meatball, Large Vegan Meatball, Vegan Marbled Meat etc.

3.Supermarket: Frozen Vegan Bacon, Frozen Vegan Marbled Meat; Canned Vegan Luncheon Meat at room temperature, Canned Vegan Tuna at room temperature etc.

To Business

1.Raw Materials for Food Industry (meat product, quick-frozen food, instant food etc.)

2.Semi-finished products for Food Industry (leisure food、nutrimeal etc.)

3.Catering Material (group dinner, garnish, online delivery)

4.Traditional Channel (Buddhism, travelling, barbecue snacks)

5.Offline Channel (supermarket、convenience store)

6.Online Channel: Tmall flagship store, Wechat mall etc.

Company Profile

10 years

Focus on the research and development of plant-based meat for 10 years

100,000 Ton

Textured plant-based protein product capacity


Technique, workshop and equipment for manufacturing plant-based protein products can reach to 200000T annually


Ningbo Sulian Food Co.,LTD., is a technology innovation enterprise specializes in professional research, manufacturing, and sales of plant-based series products.

With its plant-based protein and plant-based innovation research institute and a complete quality management system, Sulian Food has several national invention patents and independent intellectual property rights.

Strategically cooperated with the plant-based industry chain enterprises home and abroad, Sulian Food has built a one-stop all categories plant-based meat supply chain with material sourcing, research and development of new product, formula customization,technology application, special technique, and processing production.

Sulian Food supplies plant-based products, semi-finished products R&D and products customization for many well-known food enterprises at home and abroad like OEM/ODM for snack food brand and catering channels.

Sulian Food, committing to the innovation of the “plant-based” scientific research technology, improves the sub-healthy dietary structure and contributes to the ecological balance and human health.


Sulian Food, with a full suit of plant-based product production technology and strategically cooperated with the upstream industry chain at home and abroad, is the OEM supplier for many plant-based enterprises and we partner with the traditional enterprises in technology and raw material like Shuangta Food, Be&Cheery, ChaCha Food, AoDa Food.