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Enter the new era of plant meat

Ningbo Sulian Food Co.,LTD., is a technology innovation enterprise specializes in professional research, manufacturing, and sales of plant-based series products.

With its plant-based protein and plant-based innovation research institute and a complete quality management system, Sulian Food has several national invention patents and independent intellectual property rights.

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100% Plant-based Protein

We extract proteins from plants to replace animal proteins. Together with the world's plant-based and plant protein industry, to provide sustainable advanced food solutions for human. Science and technology are essential for creating healthy diets. In order to realize "human health, great taste and ecological balance", we research, develop and produce wholesome food with vitality and sustainability.



Business cooperation

Strategically cooperated with the plant-based industry chain enterprises home and abroad, Sulian Food has built a one-stop all categories plant-based meat supply chain with material sourcing, research and development of new product, formula customization,technology application, special technique, and processing production.

Sulian Product

The powerof plant The better of our life

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Sulian Food, with a full suit of plant-based product production technology and strategically cooperated with the upstream industry chain at home and abroad, is the OEM supplier for many plant-based enterprises and also the strategic and technological raw material partner of traditional enterprises, and the choice of Everbright new concept vegetarian consumers.

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Whole category supply chain

Plant meat supply chain

Global distribution

Own factory, fast distribution

Technical experience

Focus on R & D for 10 years

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